Sapporo Weather in late June/early July


Exchange rate (6month average, 2016-8-2016) is

  • 1 USD = 108 JPY
  • 1 EUR = 121 JPY
Notes/Coins JPY
 bn_10000f_e 10,000
 bn_5000f_e 5,000
 bn_2000f_d 2,000

(very rare)

 bn_1000f_e 1,000
 coin_500_02 500
 coin_100f_03 100
 coin_50f_03 50
 coin_10f_02 10
 coin_5f_03 5
 coin_1f_01 1

japan-tax-freeIn Japan, consumption tax of 8% is imposed when you shop. For purchases exceeding 5,000 to 10,000JPY at a relatively large store, you may be able to receive a tax refund. The minimum amount depends on product categories. Look for a “Tax-free Shop” sign near a store entrance. You must show your passport when you make a purchase to qualify for tax exemption. Tax refund process varies across stores. At some store, you pay the amount net of consumption tax when you purchase; at others, you pay tax-inclusive price first and you bring all your receipts to a tax refund desk. For details see this site.

Free WiFi in Japan

  • Starbucks JP offers free unlimited WiFi access. Before you go to Starbucks, access Starbucks JP’s web page and sign up.
  • Japan Connected Free WiFi is a free ‘extremely convenient’ app for android and iOS, which help you access many free WiFi services throughout Japan. It is a must have when you travel in Japan.
  • Sapporo-City WiFi provides free internet access for your smartphones and tablets for visitors up to 14 days at major stations in Sapporo downtown. You will be required to reconnect every 30 minutes. You can easily access Sapporo-City WiFi through Japan Connected Free WiFi.

Prepaid SIMs

Address system in Japan is not straightforward. Having a prepaid SIM may help you find your way when sightseeing. SIMs below use the same 4G(LTE)/3G network. You need a SIM-free phone to use them.

SIMSlarger image