One of the major attractions of Sapporo is food & drinks, we cannot deny.  We still have many fun things to do in and around Sapporo. Let us list a few.

Refer to Sapporo Sightseeing Map (PDF)  Page 1 (5.4MB) Page 2 (3.4MB)

New York Times’s article: 36 hours in Sapporo, Japan

  • Okura-yama Observatory and Winter Sports Museum – Site of 1972 Winter Olympic Games, great view of the city.
  • Japanese_wedding_196Hokkaido Shrine – you may be able to see Japanese traditional wedding on June 24&30, 2017 as these datesfall on “Taian”on Japanese calendar , the luckiest day to marry. The video below shows, not a wedding, but there is a fesitival in mid-June, if you can come to Japan early.




  • Nakajima Park & Hohei-kan – a traditional building where the imperial family used to stay. You can have lunch there.
  • Chitose-zuru Sake Museum Try “Shikomi” water (spring water used in sake making), coffee made with Shikomi water, various types of sake (yes, there are many kinds), sake lees soft-serve ice-cream. Small exhibit of traditional sake making. Try “Namazake” pre-pasturization sake with fresh and often fruity taste that are only available in Japan. c077-003-s
  • Sapporo Beer Museum – there are free and premium tours. With premium tours (500yen) you get to try special beer that is made identical to the first Sapporo beer. The tour is in Japanese, you may want to go with a Japanese economist.
  • Takino Suzuran Park (“suzuran” = lily of the valley”)
  • Historical Village of Hokkaido (“Hokkaido Kaitaku no Mura”)




  • Susukino & Tanuki Koji – dining, shopping & nightlife
  • Maruyama Zoo & Maruyama area – there are many small upscale restaurants and shops in Maruyama area.


Surrounding Areas


  • Otaru
  • CherryYoichi – Nikka Whiskey Distillery & U-Pick Japanese Cherries
  • Lake Shikotsu – one of the clearest lakes in Japan, hiking, hot springs.
  • Lake Toya – a almost circular crater lake with “Nakajima”, a small island in the middle. 2007 G8 summit took place near the lake. hiking, hotsprings
  • Jozan-Kei hotsprings



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